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This is the Desktop application made in JAVA which is helpful to send the WhatsApp message in an automated way by reading the excel file.This documentation is to help you to understand how this software works.


You should have Java 1.8 build installed on your machine for this to work fine. You can download it from here.

While Downloading Java version check your architechture and download x86 or x64 file as per your system.

Getting Started #back to top

This is the Desktop application made in JAVA which is helpful to send the WhatsApp message in an automated way by reading the excel file. The UI is super simple and intuitive for any person to understand. Let’s first understand the directory structure.

Directory Structure

When you open the deployment folder, you will get a jar file and a Documentation folder. Double click on the jar file to run the application.

After you double click the file the jar will create few folders and start the application.

Main Application UI #back to top

SR Button / Action Features / Description
1 Select Excel This will open a dialog to choose the excel file (currently Supported xlsx and xls).
Note: It is recommended to keep the excel files and the media files for upload into userfiles directory.
2 Max Wait (Sec) This is the time to wait in Seconds. In case WhatsApp web takes lot of time to load the page you can increase the max wait time.
Reducing this number will have issues if your speed or WhatsApp web is slow in responding.
3 Media Count In case of multiple media being sent, this will help to batch the Images / media together.
4 Clone Profile Clone profile creates a replica of the google chrome session.
So you can use multiple profile to sign-in into multiple WhatsApp accounts
5 Profiles List of all the profiles in Folder “res/Profiles” Default name is “Profile 1”.
You can change the profile name inside the folder “res/Profiles”. Then restart the application.
6 Open Browser Using Open Browser you can open the browser for the selected profile and do WhatsApp logins etc. if you need to do it in advance.
7 Exit Application This is to close the application
8 Start Sending This will start a new UI screen for sending WhatsApp messages using the selected excel file and profile.

Excel Sheet Format#back to top

Excel Sheet file format for the Program to be read as input

Please note that the supported headings for first excel row is - FIRST ROW FORMAT

  • mobile
  • groupid
  • name
  • message
  • file

First two columns should be either mobile - name / groupid - name

After two columns, you can add any combination of file / message as required.

Content Value
mobile Enter Mobile Number with Country code without + since we support to send anywhere in the world
groupid Get Gorup Id
name Contact Name
message Any String / Formula
file [ File Name | Caption Message ]

Excel Sheet Sample Data

Example 1
mobile name message file
91999888777X Test Number Hello Buddy, This is test Message [LogoAS.png|Caption goes here]
Example 2
groupid name message file
E6qgJnLYzrF1HW3SCtI45 Test Group Hello Buddy, This is test Message [LogoAS.png|Caption goes here]
Example 3
mobile/groupid name message file message
91999888777X Test Number Hello Buddy, This is test Message [LogoAS.png|Caption goes here]
E6qgJnLYzrF1HW3SCtI45 Test Group Hello Buddy, This is test Message [LogoAS.png|Caption goes here] Text After File and Caption

You Can make Excel Sheet from the Above Example. You can also find SampleMessage.xlsx in the userfiles directory

Emoji Shortcuts for WhatsApp Web and Desktop

Visit this website here for Emoji Shortcuts for Whatsapp Web and Desktop.

Obtain Group ID #back to top

How to get the Group ID for posting into Groups

You must be an admin in the group / must get the group invite link from the admin of the group

In the above case my groupId is E6qgJnLYzrF1HW3kkGSCtI

Message Sending GUI #back to top

The Message Sending UI updates in real time as and when the message is sent to the User on WhatsApp.
On the load of the screen it will start the Google Chrome and ask you to scan the WhatsApp Web QR Code.
Once you scan the code, it will start sending the messages.

Statuses explained below

Status Meaning
Sent Message Sent to the User
In Queue message queued to be sent to the user
Invalid Contact is not available on WhatsApp / number is invalid.
In case of groups the group invite code is invalid.
Processing The Application is currently sending message to this user.

Directory structure #back to top

More Information about Directory structure

File / Folder Name Description
ExcelToWhatsAppSender.jar The main executable file for the Application
userfiles Put all the Excel files and images into this directory for uploading to WhatsApp
res/Profiles This folder contains the profiles which needs to be loaded for chrome browser
chromedriver.exe Google Chrome Driver for the Application to open and send WhatsApp Messages
config.properties Java Default configuration file which loads the default values for GUI
report This Folder will contain the reports of the Excel which was given as input for sending messages.
It contains the status of the message sent etc.

Version History#back to top

You can find the version history (changelog.txt) file in main directory folder.

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                                        Version 1.0 - May 7th, 2020

                                        - Launch Of Excel To WhatsApp Sender

Copyright and license #back to top

Code released under the Un License License.

For more information about copyright and license check exceltowhatsappsender.com.

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